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What are we fighting for

Among the subjects for which we campaign are: transparency of public spending related to sports, strategic litigation, interactions with stakeholders, the desire to make our voices heard, the publication of analyses, opinions and policy briefs.

Transparency of public spending related to sports

Although it is 99% financed by our money, everyone's, and there are numerous legal obligations for transparency, Romanian sport suffers from chronic opacity.


The lack of transparency does a lot of harm to the sport:

  • It maintains the power of those who hold the information, unfairly wrongs athletes, parents and stakeholders in relation to the resources spent;

  • prevents relevant analysis in relation to decisions about the allocation of money

  • keep athletes in the dark and mislead the public about


We want to make transparent:

  • bUDGET

  • contracts

  • Salaries, bonuses, allowances

  • Federation statutes, regulations


How will we get all this?

Taking from law 544/2000 on access to public information.


All clubs, federations, sports bodies in Romania that receive up to 1 leu from public money are subject to this law and are obliged to provide information upon request (some even ex officio). There is very little information that would not be subject to the disclosure requirements of law 544. These can only refer to personal data, or to possible trade secrets, applicable to non-profit entities, which are clubs and national federations in Romania.

Making our voices heard

We are vocal and do not shy away from guerilla actions to gain visibility and speak out for the ideas we promote.

Strategic litigation

We do not back down from taking public entities to court that refuse to be transparent and respond to our requests for information.

We are also ready to take the defense, including through legal actions, of the athletes whom "unfriendly" federations put sticks in their wheels when they want to do school in addition to sports at a high level.

Interactions with stakeholders

As we said, our mission is to educate and generate real change at the level of actors in Romanian performance sports.

The change we are looking for is both at the top-down level of public policies in sports, but also at the bottom-up level, related to the attitude of the federations towards athletes and education, calls to the national team, etc.

We believe in dialogue and in explaining why our ideas and actions will bring benefits to all parties in the long term. That's why we also contact the federations and coaches we criticize, in order to transmit, with reason, our philosophy.

Analyzes, opinions, policy briefs

They support our opinions and ideas with data, comparative studies and reasoned opinions.

We dare to propose public policy solutions and alternatives to what we currently see as a disaster in the management of money in Romanian sports.


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