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Data Protection

Since the EU adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is essential to consider online privacy policy issues, especially if the intended audience is located in one or more EU countries.

We're tired!

We are frustrated to see how generation after generation of athletes lose the chances of their lives, not being - in the internet age! -  informed about opportunities, living in the same shadow cone and being surrounded by the same harmful mentalities in Romanian sport.

We are frustrated to keep watching passively the indoctrination and mental abuse of athletes by outdated and federal coaches who do not know how to send an email in Romanian. (God forbid in English!)

We are frustrated to see athletes from Germany, Holland, Australia, Spain, Italy, UK,  ba even Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, how they access educational opportunities through sport and reach the highest performance level, and in Romania we implicitly encourage the academic imposture of athletes, and we are not better at the results either.

We are frustrated by the lack of transparency and respect for taxpayers, the waste of public money, the same rhetoric […]

We are western, we are progressive, and we will bring it to the fore whenever possible.

We believe that Romanian sport needs as much exposure as possible to methods, mentalities, people, ideas, ways of doing things, expertise, FROM THE WEST.


Yes, we have a lot of talented people here too, and yes, we like Romania, but we want Romanian athletes to think, act and perform like those in the West, starting with understanding the life path involved in performance sports and continuing with education , dedication and civic involvement. We want educated, informed, high-performance, independent athletes in adulthood.


It is normal for our unequivocal inclination towards something foreign in terms of performance sports to bother or scare at first.


But we like to look at ourselves as a niche restaurant that serves a certain type of food, more exotic, more sophisticated, and where you will come to sit at the table when you are ready. Courage!


We believe in education in parallel with sports

Every year, Romania can have over 30 athletes at top universities, with sports scholarships, competing and studying at the highest level. After a few generations, they will change the face of Romanian sport, while saving resources both now and in the future.

We want to be the organization that produces this transformation.

We have already shown that it is possible, read the extraordinary stories of our first cohort here .

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